Pricing Plans

for "hiring" Your Best Employee




The essentials to capture, nurture, and close more leads.

  • All-in-one Inbox

  • Reputation Management

  • Payment Processing

  • AI Smart Assistant

  • Email + SMS Marketing

  • Calendar + Appointments

  • Webchat

  • CRM + Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Users

  • Customer Support

  • Initial Setup

  • Limited Servicing




Everything you need to manage your brand, free up your time, and scale your business.

  • Everything in ESSENTIALS

  • Workflows & Automations

  • Pipeline Management

  • Appointments + Booking

  • Landing Pages + Funnels

  • Website Hosting

  • Form & Survey Builder

  • Social Media Planner

  • Blogging

  • Membership Portal

  • Digital Products + Courses

  • Community Hub

  • Subscription

  • Affiliate Manager

  • E-Commerce

  • Invoices

  • Proposals + Estimates

  • Analytics + Reporting

  • Unlimited File + Video Storage

  • Ongoing Servicing




*up to

A done-for-you approach to dominate your digital marketing.

  • Everything in SCALING SYSTEM

  • Build + SEO Optimize your website (one time fee)

  • Social Media Management

  • Google & Facebook Ads

  • Landing Page & Sales Funnel Builder


(and more!)


(and more!)


Say goodbye to duct-taped systems and hello to an efficient, automatic, and profitable solution

AKA: Your Best Employee

White Glove Servicing

Don't waste time & money by hiring an employee to do what Consolve can do for you!

Workflows + Automations

Create workflows & automate a majority of your processes to efficiently capture, nurture, and close leads.

AI Helper

Conrad, our AI friend, drastically increases efficiency with messaging, FAQ, content creation, and more!

Reputation Management

Boost your local SEO to increase brand credibility, capture more leads, and make more sales!

All-in-one Inbox

Use one inbox for ALL conversations for a smooth customer journey, engaged leads, and more sales!

Email + 2-way SMS Marketing

Utilize bulk messaging for reactivation, nurturing, and marketing campaigns (and more!)

Live Chat on Website

Convert website visitors to sales with our personalized chatbot. Every sale starts with a conversation.

Built-in Phone + Call Tracking

Record calls, track sales team, and market (like voicemail drops) to maximize your marketing dollars.

CRM + Lead Management

Organized leads for easier campaigns and monetization.

Sales Funnels

Create high-performing funnels and captivating landing pages with our built-in templates!

Payment Processing

Collect payments, send invoices, manage subscriptions + affiliates, (and more!) to easily close more deals.

Deal Management

Create & send contracts, proposals, and estimates to help you close more deals!

Website Builder + Hosting

Create full-featured websites with over 300+ templates to choose from. No more hosting fees!

Survey + Form Builder

Utilize drag & drop surveys and capture forms to capture leads. You can integrate directly with our page builder or embed them on your own sites.

Appointments + Booking

Capture and request appointments within our calendar application in one straightforward flow.


Build brand credibility and engage your community with our easy-to-use blogging software, built right in to your website.

Membership Platform

Build your following and host free and/or paid communities to manage communications, tasks, and notifications.

Online Courses

Host & create courses to sell to your community, train new employees, or anything else!

Social Media Portal

Schedule and plan all of your social media through one hub!


Unlimited users, contacts, and file storage. Scale your business without scaling your costs.


All-in-one Inbox: You'll be able to access ALL conversations in one place, resulting in a smooth customer journey, engaged leads, and more sales!

  • Emails (bulk marketing & individual)

  • Texts (bulk SMS marketing & individual)

  • Built-in Web Chat Widget (turn website visitors into leads & customers)

  • Social Media DMs

  • Google Chat

  • Built-In Phone System (voicemails & call recordings)

Access via computer and mobile app.

Reputation Management: We will help boost your local SEO to increase brand credibility, capture more leads, and make more sales.

  • Google Business Profile Setup

  • Google Chat Enabled (visible in the all-in-one inbox)

  • Automatic response to reviews

  • Automatic Review Requests

  • Automatically Display New High Reviews on Website

  • Automatically Post Reviews to Social Media

  • Online Listings Management (Same business info across 70+ of the most reputable websites & boosts SEO)

9/10 customers would rather text/chat than call. Enabling Google chat/texting can improve conversions by 100%.

Workflows & Automations: We help with the ongoing set up of workflows & automations that boost efficiency, nurture leads, and close sales. Your business becomes one smooth, money-making machine.

Common Automations:

  • Review Requests

  • FAQ responses

  • Missed-Call Text-Back

  • Book Appointment Request

  • Payment Request

  • Reminders

  • Abandon Cart Sequences

  • Push Notification to Salesperson (if a new lead isn't contacted after X minutes)


Consolve workflows includes hundreds of actions and triggers.

Conrad (Our AI Friend): Our trained AI responds quickly to potential customers and helps the efficiency of messaging and content creation. This helps leverage your time better, keep clients engaged, and make more sales.

  • Answer ANY Question (trained on your company website & resources and better than any receptionist)

  • Response Generator (during conversations, Conrad quickly gives you two response suggestions to choose from)

  • Content Creation (templates & copywriting for social media)

  • Generate Images (for websites or blog posts)

CRM & Pipelines: Organized customer data and sales pipelines increase the average customer Lifetime Value (LTV), increasing your revenue.


  • Smart Customer Segmentation (to help you engage every lead via SMS, Email, Workflow, and more)

  • Bulk Actions With One Click (ex: shoot a quick text a list of contacts or move a segmented cohort into a Pipeline)

  • Integrated with Facebook & TikTok Lead Forms (immediately trigger nurture automations & engage with the lead)

Sales Pipelines:

  • Automatically Track Your Customers' Journeys

  • Optimization Reports (Every pipeline creates a funnel report so you can spot leaks and know exactly where to optimize for better results)

Deal Management & Payment Processing: Easily make deals & collect payments online, over text, and out of office ensuring you close more deals and make more sales.

Payment Processing:

  • Text-2-pay

  • Tap-2-pay

  • Invoicing

  • Subscriptions

  • Coupons

  • Affiliate management

Deal Management

  • Contracts (replaces DocuSign)

  • Proposals

  • Estimates

Social Media Planner: Create, plan, schedule, and post your social media content in one spot, getting more done for less time and keeping your brand consistent across all platforms.

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

  • Google Business Profile (GBP)

  • Template Library (thousands of premium social posts segmented by industry— graphics & content included)

  • Conrad AI (help with content creation & copywriting)

Websites & Landing Pages: Easily build & host websites and landing pages to maximize conversions and and increase sales.

Everything your sites need to build sales funnels that capture & convert leads.

  • Forms

  • Surveys

  • Online Scheduling

  • Product Listings

  • Coupons

  • Subscription, Order, and Transaction Tracking

  • Blogging

  • Web Chat Widget

    Drag & drop builders make building and maintaining sites easier than ever. Not to mention, no more hosting fees.

Memberships & Courses: Seamlessly build your online community and brand loyalty, resulting in

  • Community Hub (replaces Slack manage your community communications, tasks, and notifications here)

  • Host & Sell Digital Products (Courses, Video Archives, etc)

  • Training/onboarding (create training modules for employees and/or clients)

  • Membership Subscriptions (paid & unpaid to build your community)



  • Users (employees in your company)

  • Contacts (anyone your business contacts, leads, etc)

  • File & Video Storage


  • EVERYTHING at wholesale cost (emails, texts, minutes, etc)

  • We transfer you from your current system to Consolve

  • We build automations & workflows for you

  • Ongoing White Glove servicing

  • Excellent & Responsive customer support (can reach us via text, email, video call, and web chat)

  • Updates coming out REGULARLY


Can I change my plan later on?

Yes. You can change your plan at anytime. Ready for an upgrade? Start today!

What's your pricing for texts, emails, AI help, etc?

We charge WHOLESALE pricing for all texts, emails, AI generations, minutes, etc. $10 can get you about 800 texts or 10,000 emails.

Why is everything unlimited?

Because we are champions of scaling small businesses— and that includes cutting our profits to ensure your success. Nobody loves being "nickeled and dimed."

Does Consolve take a percentage of my sales?

No. Your revenue is yours! We do not increase your costs no matter how successful your landing pages/funnels get. ;)

Does Consolve use my company's client list?

No. We will never contact any of your customers.

How soon can my systems be transferred to Consolve?

We will begin working on it right away!

What is your cancellation policy?

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime and we will not charge you at your upcoming scheduled payment. We do not reimburse for cancellations after the scheduled payment.

Is it easy to transfer my data?

Should you choose to switch to a different platform, downloading your client lists and reports is very simple.

What does "ongoing servicing" mean?

We will help build out automations, workflows, sales funnels, etc. We are the unofficial fractional "marketing operations manager." We will build and test all the operations to ensure everything is working correctly.


All parts of starting or running a business are hard. But mismatched, outdated, and expensive technology make it even harder. I spent 13 years on an expensive and fruitless quest to find a single program that can do everything I need. Finally I found Consolve. I now have my entire lead funnel, customer communication journey, LMS, and everything else all residing in the same software. My comprehensive reports are simple to pull and easy to use. As a bonus, the staff at Consolve are friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly interested in your success. Love it!


Consolve saved my company THOUSANDS of dollars each month. They've taken great care of me as I've transferred my systems to their all inclusive platform. I wish I would've found them sooner!


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